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Psychiatrist (Shelter Signs)

Shelter Signs, one of the stranger Civil Defense PSAs made, is another effort by the government to remind the public of the purpose behind the ubiquitous yellow and black fallout shelter signsthat began appearing on public buildings in 1961. The woman "on the couch" in this spot is overwhelmed by the signs, but most Americans dutifully ignored them.

Psychiatrist (Shelter Signs)
Woman: Yellow and black and rectangular…
Doctor :Rectangular, yes, and uh, uh, what else?
Woman: Well, doctor, it has kind of wedge shapes inside.
Doctor: Yellow, black, and with wedge shapes inside…
Woman: Oh I see them everywhere, everywhere, (getting hysterical) do you hear me…?
Doctor: Well, there, there, Mrs. Edwards, uh, just lie back on the couch…
Woman: What does it mean, am I losing my mind?
Doctor: Mrs. Edwards, my professional diagnosis is quite simple…
Woman: Oh, thank you, doctor, thank you.
Doctor: What you have been seeing everywhere you look are those yellow and black signs installed by Civil Defense.
Woman: Oh, ohh!
Doctor: They're the yellow and black signs used to indicate a fallout shelter in the building.
Woman: Uh huh, uh huh!
Doctor: Every building that displays that yellow and black sign has an approved shelter, many stocked with supplies.
Woman: So, you see these signs too, Dr. Black?
Doctor: Why, sure Mrs. Edwards!
Woman: Oh, well, I feel better already!


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