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Rock And Roll Atom: Red McCoy with the Sons of the Soil [1959]

A rarity: A countrified rock 'n' roll atomic romance song that's also educational! When this song is over you should know that the proton is positive, the electron is negative and that instead of an arrow, the modern cupid shoots a "rock and roll atom right through your heart."

Red McCoy was born Wayne Busbice in Chatham, Louisiana in 1929. One of nine children, McCoy grew up on a farm near Eros, Louisiana. It was here that he learned to play the guitar and appreciate American folk music. Despite his family being quite poor, McCoy managed to earn undergraduate and graduate degrees in the agricultural sciences. During the Korean War, McCoy served in the air force for three years. After leaving the service the singer found steady employment as a high school guidance counselor in Montgomery County, Maryland. Members of The Sons of the Soil had performed regularly on 'Louisiana Hayride,' 'Old Dominion Barn Dance' and 'The Ozark Jubilee.'

Rock And Roll Atom: Red McCoy with the Sons of the Soil [1959]

Well the teacher says we oughta know
All about the atom from a-head to toe
Now let us think, what can we say
About the tiny little atom that we know today

We know it's round and full of space
With electrons a-swingin' around the nucleus
Electrons swingin' around the nucleus

If we saw the atom, boy there’s fun
Protons a-dancin' with the neu-hoo-tron
Frisky little electrons swingin' in space
You gotta have a proton in the nucleus

The proton's positive, a neutron non
The electron is the negative one
Electron is the negative one

You be my electron every day
And I'll be your proton, what do you say?
We'll all get out on, that hardwood floor
And dance all night and dance some more.

Come on a-baby, listen to me
That rock and roll atom's getting' through to me
That rock and roll atom's getting' through to me

That rock and roll atom's goin' ‘round
It's spreadin' knowledge all over town
So it makes no difference where you shake or stroll
You can learn about the atom as you rock and roll

Now instead of Cupid shootin' his darts
He shoots a rock and roll atom right through your heart,
Rock and roll atom right through your heart!

Red McCoy with the Sons of the Soil [1959]
Rock And Roll Atom
(Wayne Busbice (Red McCoy))
Mount Vernon LP 157



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